Do you have room in your home and your heart for a Brittany in need?

BRIT does not have a shelter or kennel, and our ability to continue rescuing depends on whether we have a place for the Brittanys to stay when they are released to our rescue group. We exist entirely on donations and adoption fees, so it is difficult for us to board an animal in a kennel or vet’s office since most foster dogs are in our care on average for two to six weeks.

If you give a rescue Brittany a temporary home, not only will you save a life, you will vastly improve your own. People who love animals live longer, healthier lives and you’ll redecorate your home with fur for free!

If you will consider helping our BRITTANYS,
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“Someone once said to me that they are inspired my my selflessness to foster. I responded to them by telling them not to be inspired by me. To be selfless would be to do something regardless of whether you want to or not.

I foster for completely selfish reasons.

I love the idea of keeping these pups out of the shelter, I love the idea of helping provide a second chance to these pups, I love the idea of adoption. You know that feeling of being on uncle vs a dad? Having all the fun and none of the responsibilities? Yup! It’s kinda like that.

I love being a selfish foster. 😉”

– Adrian T., San Antonio, TX.

Foster care allows us to evaluate a rescue dog’s personality, skills, activity level and challenges (if any) in a home setting. This helps us make the best match with an approved adopter. We do our best to rescue all the Brittanys that are at risk in Texas, so more foster homes means more lives saved. We are always looking for foster homes in Texas.

Fostering provides a richly rewarding and deeply gratifying experience. In return for their time, affection, and care, as a foster you receive the special love of an animal who somehow knows you are his or her rescuer, and the lasting satisfaction of knowing the huge difference you have made in that Brittany’s life. We hope you’ll consider fostering for BRIT and will soon experience the same great feelings.

We support our fosters by reimbursing all pre-approved medical expenses, including medications and monthly heartworm preventative and other pre-approved necessary veterinary care. If necessary, we will be happy to provide a high-quality food. We also provide all available information about the dog, and support you in introducing a new foster Brittany to your home.

“Fostering is a win-win-win situation. Besides the fact that my pups love having an extra playmate around, I love meeting and working with foster pups to help them acclimate to “family life” and make them as adoptable as possible. And the real win is that it makes space for another dog to enter the rescue/adoption circuit. There’s nothing more rewarding than sending a foster to their forever home ❤️.”
 – Sarah M., New Braunfels, TX

Our volunteers will provide guidance for any obedience or behavioral problems. We will accommodate your preferences for male or female, young or older. And if for any reason the foster Brittany is not working out in your home, we will move the Brittany to another foster as quickly as possible.

In return we ask our fosters to share with us their observations of their new friend so that together we can find them the best possible home. We also ask that they provide toys, lots of love and training basic house manners (if needed). A stable and loving environment is critical to build the Brittany’s confidence and to help recover from the stress of being abandoned, lost, housed in a shelter. Foster homes need to treat the foster Brittany as they would their own, with patience and love.

“1st – fostering gives unwanted dogs an opportunity for a 2nd chance at life to learn, love, live and to be socialized. 
2nd – the feeling I get is so rewarding when I see them in their new forever home. 
3rd – it’s fun!!! Really is fun for me and for my current Brittanys. It gives them a chance to be socialized
4th – it gives BRIT insight to the dog’s personality enabling them to better match them to their perfect forever home.” 
 – Jenne N., Dallas, TX

The time in foster care varies from a few weeks to several months. Some Brittanys get adopted very quickly, while others need more time and attention to be ready for their forever homes. If your circumstances allow for fostering one of our special-needs Brittanys (including those going through heartworm treatment), we’re sure you will find the experience especially worthwhile. Helping a dog recover from neglect or injury to once again know the joys of simply being a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had.

Once your foster Brittany has been with you for a week, we will ask you to help us write their story and provide photos to help potential adopters see what a special Brittany is waiting for them. 

Many considering becoming a foster family express concerns about the heartache involved in placing the Brittany with an adopter after they become attached. It can be difficult to say good-bye, but those who foster know the joy and satisfaction of placing a foster dog in an excellent new home. Knowing the difference you made in a dog’s life makes it all worthwhile. And as each Brittany finds a forever home, another Brittany can be saved. 

We hope this helps you to understand why many choose to open their homes to Brittanys in need and encourages you to consider helping by doing the same.

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