Calling all BRIT Super Heros!

We received a call from a West Texas shelter to save a dog that was 30 minutes away from being euthanized. 
Margie was owner surrendered because she needed surgery. We rushed her to our vet in Granbury where a 2.3 pound fatty tumor was removed from “arm” pit. The surgeon also removed a polyp from her ear and extracted two rotted teeth. While at the vet clinic it was discovered she was heartworm positive. 
She is a sweet Brittany blend who needs your financial support and a loving home. 

UPDATE 4/3/17:

Thank you so much for your support for Margie. She is in recovery from the tumor removal surgery, the ear polyp removal, and the dental extractions of her two rotted teeth. We’re sure she feels much better!

She is going to need some extra special loving care especially in light of the fact that we just discovered that she is also DEAF! 

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