Brittany Travel Tips

To those who feel a vacation isn’t complete unless your beloved Brittany goes along, you’re not alone. The U.S. Travel Association says that 49% of Americans feel their pet is just another member of the family and 18% of U.S. travelers plan to take their pets along the next time they travel. If your Brittany is going on vacation with you, you’ll need to consider exactly how you’re getting to your destination first.

The operative word here is planning!

If you want your Brittany to share your vacation, ya’ll need a PLAN.

It can make all the difference between having fun on vacation, and wishing you were back at home. Every trip needs a bit of planning to help things go smoothly, and when you factor in a four-legged companion it becomes not just wise, but essential.

We humans can drive for as long as we want (or as long as our stomachs and bladders can manage), stop wherever we want to, eat whatever we feel like, sleep at any hotel that has a room….and so on. Dogs can’t. They need to pee, often. They may get carsick on long road trips. They can’t eat a candy bar or a burger or drink a Coke from a fast food place. They aren’t allowed to sleep in any hotel, guest-house, or rental that they like.