Gotta love Brittany puppies and that is me !  Believe me when I say I am definitely in full puppy mode!

Here’s what my foster mom says about me:

“Hi, I’m Toby! I’m pretty much your typical Brittany puppy – sweet, snuggly, rowdy, and curious…with an extra dose of sweet! I have a very busy schedule. Every day I practice crate training, potty training, leash training and “learning how to be a dog” with my foster sisters. I think I’m an A+ student…my foster mom says maybe more like B+ ‍♀️.  

Balls are my favorite toys, but don’t worry…if a ball isn’t available, I will pretty much chew on anything! I also have an amazing talent for home decor. My silly foster mom has put all of her bath mats and area rugs in the wrong places, so I help her move them to better spots. She always makes a big fuss when I do that so she must be really impressed with my redecorating skills. All of that helping around the house wears me out, so I take a lot of naps…do you have a lap I could nap in? Because lap naps are my FAVORITE. Anyway, thanks for reading all about me…time to get back to my busy schedule!”

Toby is too young to be neutered. He has had his two puppy shots – needs one more puppy shots in a few weeks.  He’s on heartworm preventative and has been microchipped.

BRIT #2023-0803

    • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age: 15 weeks  (born 5-15-23)
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 16 lbs. (and growing)