Did you know Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos?

Heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick medication are essential this time of year – especially in Texas! 

Each BRIT Brittany is heartworm tested prior to adoption, but owners need to re-test annually. A good time to re-test is 6 months to a year after adoption, then annually thereafter. 

Did you know….

The dog is a natural host for heartworms, which means that heartworms that live inside the dog mature into adults, mate and produce offspring. If untreated, their numbers can increase, and dogs have been known to harbor several hundred worms in their bodies. Heartworm disease causes lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries, and can affect the dog’s health and quality of life long after the parasites are gone. For this reason, prevention is by far the best option, and treatment—when needed—should be administered as early in the course of the disease as possible.

Please protect your Brittanys with monthly heartworm prevention. Nobody wants to put their Brittanys through painful (and expensive) heartworm treatment! 

Learn more and watch an informative video here: https://www.heartwormsociety.org/pet-owner-resources/heartworm-basics