Recently BRIT received a call from a Good Samaritan who found a BRIT Brittany in Dallas. Fortunately, this Brittany was wearing his magical BRIT ID Tag.

Why is it magical?

This adorable tag has a phone number which goes directly to BRIT headquarters (aka Pattie’s cell phone). Also on this tag is a unique number identifying the BRIT Brittany. With this information Pattie was able to identify the dog and call his family. The funny part is, it all happened so quickly the family didn’t even realize their Brittany had gone on a walk about. All ended well with the Brittany being reunited with his family within the half hour

BRIT received calls like this all the time. We’ve received calls for Brittanys who have moved as far away as Tacoma, Washington and also for Brittanys adopted 10+ years ago. 

Many Brittanys are reunited simply because they were wearing the BRIT tag they were assigned upon adoption. 

We encourage all adopters to take advantage of this free service. We are dedicated to protecting your Brittanys for life. 

Need a replacement BRIT tag? 

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