Bella Ullrich - After a Day at the SpaFirst, I cannot start Bella’s story without talking about our first Brittany, Jingles, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in October 2009 after entertaining and brightening our lives for thirteen years. Jingles and I were puppies together, and she really showed our family what it was to be the ideal dog. Her love, happiness, affectionate manner, and high energy, until her last day, were some of the many reasons why we loved her, but her gentleness with my older autistic sister Beth, is why we decided to adopt another Brittany whenever we were ready.

Two years passed and we began to look at Brittany rescue sites, and were in contact with BRIT. The only requirements we had were that we wanted an adult lady who would not snap at my sister. Beth would never harm a fly, let alone a dog, but she can be a little unstable on her feet. If Beth tripped over Jingles, Jingles would simply get up and find another place to lay down. We needed the same of our new dog.

Bella Ullrich - Bella and Beth

BRIT found us the perfect match in five-year-old “Bella.” Mom, Dad, my sister Christina, and I piled into the car and drove from Houston to Ft. Worth to meet our sweet girl. While she was snuggling up to us on the way back to Houston, we were all asking the same question, “Who would drop off this beautiful loving girl at a shelter and list her as ‘Unwanted?’”

There were a few things we learned about “Bella” right off the bat. She was and still is very timid, however much improved. She is especially uneasy around big dogs, understandably due to the dog scratches and bite scars on her petite body, and blonde strangers …h’mmm makes us wonder.

During the past year, we have learned so much more about her. She loves her routine of waking up, going for her morning walk, lounge time/ her car ride time, her afternoon hunt for lizards and squirrels, nap time, and her favorite time of the day, which is when everyone comes home from work/school time. She takes her greeting duty very seriously.

Her favorite words are “walk,” “frito,” which means treat (my sister Brooke taught her that one…) and “bye-bye” which means car ride. If any of those words are said, she jumps around excited and starts whining until her harness is on her, treat is given, or as soon as she is in the car.

She has proven an excellent companion to Beth as she is so calm and gentle around Beth, and has learned quickly that if she wants people food, all she has to do is sit under Beth’s chair and wait. (Beth is not the neatest eater).

Bella’s smile lightens our day and her kisses and snuggles fill us with joy. Thanks to BRIT who saved her and brought her into our lives. True love is being rescued by a Brittany.

-Kaitlyn Ullrich

BELLA b 1-15-12