In 2015 a family in South, TX adopted Harper who was 8 years old at the time. A few years later in 2019 they adopted Cash, a 4 month old Brittany boy. Unfortunately things changed in this family’s life and they requested BRIT assist them in rehoming Harper (now age 14) and Cash (now 4 years old).

Since Harper and Cash are now a bonded pair BRIT was determined to keep them together. Plus Harper is totally blind and deaf! Finding a home who would take on this responsibility was no small ask. 

We reached out to a former adopter who adopted a male puppy from BRIT in 2014 (Huck) and in 2019 adopted Cash’s brother, Sawyer. They were thrilled at bringing Sawyer’s brother into their home and also wanted to give 14 year old Harper a safe home. This great family has two young boys and a HUGE backyard for the all their Brittanys. 

The rescue business has many ups and downs. BRIT is lucky to have so many wonderful repeat adopters. It’s times like this that make our hearts happy.