Okay, I know I’m adorable – they call me “Tank.”  I’m just a little guy (a baby as they say) … Ya gotta love puppies and I definitely am in full puppy mode!

I am still a baby and I have a lot of livin’ and learnin’ to do – think I’ll have a blast learning how wonderful Brittanys can be (and I plan to be one of the best).

Here’s what I can tell you about me: I’m adorable, sweet, precious, lovable and cuddly (and did I tell you I’m busy?) And they say I need training – oh, whatever !!!

I’m learning to be housebroken.

The adoption fee for Tank is $450. He’s had a few of his puppy shots and has been microchipped soon. He is too young to be neutered.

BRIT #2019-0808

  • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age: 10 weeks (born 6/6/19)
  • Gender: Male
  • Size: puppy size