Sully - Brittany for AdoptionBRIT #: 2011-1101
Age: 3.5 years old
Gender: Male
Weight: 33 pounds

Howdy, ya’ll, my name is Sullivan (“Sully” for short). Well, truth be known, I don’t really know my real name, but since BRIT rescued me that’s been my name and I like it. I’m very calm and super sweet. I am a little on the thin side – probably could stand another 3 or 4 pounds – but I’ll let you (my new family) help me with that.
Here are a few things I heard my foster mom (she’s pretty cool) say about me. Are you ready? She said I’m definitely a cuddle bug, in fact I follow her (and my foster dad) around almost every minute. You see, although I don’t remember anything about my past, I do kind of get the feeling that I never had a family who loved me and petted me and played with me – so I want to soak up all that wonderful attention every minute I can. She says that I have a beautiful smile and that I’m housebroken.
I am not interested in toys, but I do get along with other dogs – however, cats are another thing, I am told that I’m overly interested in them and probably should not be in a home with them. Can’t a guy have any fun? My foster folks have taught me a few things, such as sit/down/stay (stay is hard for a Brittany, believe me). I must warn you if the door is open, I’m through it before you can say my name and fyi I’m a very very fast runner. Sorry, a guy has to have one bad habit and that’s about as bad as it gets with me – pretty good eh!
So if I can tell you what’s on my wish list– I’d like a loving home with loving parents, another dog to run and chase squirrels and birds with AND a large yard with a very tall fence. I’m sure there are other things, but for now that’s what I know I’d really love to have. Oh yeah, and I understand the holidays are approaching so here’s one more thing for my wish list … I want to be in my new home by Thanksgiving.
Please hurry up and fill out an application. Hurry!!! I promise the nice people at BRIT will call you right away and sing my praises.
Sully has been neutered, is up to date on his shots and microchipped. He did test positive for heartworms and is undergoing treatment. He is very excited about finding his forever home very soon (maybe before Thanksgiving). He would certainly have a lot to be thankful for.