Age:4 months
Weight:  16 lbs

Hi everyone, my name is “Sully.” I was found on someone’s front porch … and now I’m in the land of BRIT – lucky me :)

I don’t know anything about my life before BUT I can tell you the people who are “fostering” me have lots of good things to say about little ole’ me.

My Foster Mom says “whoever adopts this precious snuggly baby will be in for the treat of a lifetime.” She says that Sully needs at least one kid to call his very own.

I am still a baby and I have a lot of livin’ and learnin’ to do – think I’ll have a blast learning how wonderful Brittanys can be (I’m already a VERY good puppy).

I’ll be getting my first set of puppy shots next week (two more sets to go) and will be microchipped at that time. I’m too young to be neutered (whatever that means :).