Donate to Britany Rescue in TexasDani still needs your help.

When we rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio, on August 11, 2015, she was in terrible condition: broken bones, open wounds, emaciated and starving, loaded with worms, and millions of fleas. Her muscles were atrophied due to the length of time she had endured her injuries – perhaps as long as six weeks! Read Dani’s initial intake story here:

Dani has come a long way since we brought her in!

DANI '15 - LP  x1  9-21-15She has been in hospital care for six weeks now and has gained five whole pounds (she was 25.6 and now weighs 30.6 lbs). She has endured two high-risk (lifesaving) surgeries. Unfortunately, her blood work indicates that she is still slightly anemic and will require a little more recovery time before she will be strong enough for her final surgery. Her vet would also like to see Dani gain more muscle mass in her right rear leg before they perform the Femoral Head Osteotomy Surgery.

Hip-diagramWhat is Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) Surgery for Dogs?

FHO is the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur. In simpler terms, it is the removal of the “ball” part of the ball-and-socket that makes up the hip joint.

This surgery eliminates the pain caused by the abnormal contact of the bone on bone hip dysplasia. Once the femoral head and neck are removed, the surrounding muscles and developing scar tissue work to support the area, and act as a false joint.

Dani won’t be able to walk for a week to 10 days after this surgery and will need to be carried! Any volunteers?

What is the cost of Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) Surgery for Dogs?

The cost of an FHO ranges from $1,200 to $2,500 plus post-surgical physical therapy.

If you are able to help please consider making a donation to Dani’s surgery fund here.