Age:4 years
Weight:  36 lbs

UPDATE  7-26-17:

Hi there! My name is Solo. I just completed my six week heartworm treatment and I’m ready for my forever home.

I am a very lovable happy-go-lucky Brittany! I really enjoy running outside in the yard chasing squirrels and birds so I’ll definitely need a large fenced yard. As much as I love being outside, I love to be indoors as well. Lounging and cuddling on the couch, and sleeping in a comfy bed at night is something I don’t want to miss out on!

My foster parents leave me loose in the house by myself when they leave – that’s how good I am! I am housebroken (YAY) and very dog and kid friendly. I love having friends to play with, and I adore children! However, I do not like cats…. or thunderstorms! When it thunders I like to cuddle in your lap because it really scares me.

I’m very sweet and I know you will fall in love with me! I hope I can be the perfect fit for your family!

*   *     *  

My full name is “Hans Solo” but I go by “SOLO.” Thanks to BRIT for rescuing me!

I’m in a super fantastic foster home with friends to play with (a Brittany and several other really cool dogs). Here’s what my Foster Mom says about me:

“Here are a few things you should know about Solo: He LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside! Squirrels and birds are his favorite things. He’s a very happy go-lucky Brittany, seriously ALWAYS happy. He’s very friendly with all people and other dogs. He has an endless amount of energy! He loves to play, but more importantly he loves running outside. Because of his energy level, the kids in his life should be at least 10 years old – wouldn’t want him to knock them down.

Solo needs a family that has a large yard and can be very active with him! He’d make a great running partner. He’s not your typical house dog who likes to lounge on the couch and sleep most of the day. He is very active and loves to spend time outside where he can be on the hunt for critters. With that said, he loves sleeping in the bed with us at night.

Solo is very good at being kenneled. He really needs an experienced Brittany home because is a typical fun and high energy Brittany boy … he needs a little obedience training since he’s not had much. He is housebroken, very affectionate and playful – a tall fence would be a good thing for him.

Solo is up to date on his shots, neutered and  microchipped. He is heartworm positive and is finishing up his heartworm treatment – he will be available for adoption in late July.