• Crossed The Rainbow Bridge at 12 years 

A lot can change when you are a ten-year old French Brittany. Believe me, I would know! My name is “Sky,” and I have been asked to share my amazing and heart-warming story with you. So grab a dog, a tissue, and listen up!

The first part of my life was okay, but was certainly not great. I was born in North Carolina to a French Brittany breeder who sold me to my original owners in Texas. They got divorced, and I stayed with the lady. She got remarried though, got another puppy, and had a baby. She really didn’t have time for me any more.

The new husband didn’t like me at all. He would kick me all the time. He kicked me so hard that he dislocated my knee, and didn’t even take me to the vet. So, it healed that way. I’ll never be able to bend it all the way again and it hurts when I try. Now at the age of twelve I am getting arthritis in that leg.

When I was 10, he put an ad in the newspaper which said that he would take me to a high-kill shelter if someone did not come and take me. Luckily for me, the wonderful people at BRIT saw the ad and immediately called to get me. That is when I met my Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim. They came as fast as they could to rescued me.

Aunt Pattie promised me they would find me the perfect forever home where I would be loved and well cared for. They took me to live in what they call a foster home. The family and their three other Brittanys welcomed me right away.

They just lost one of their Brittanys that was the same exact age as me, and they had another one who was very, very sick. Everyone was extremely sad. I knew I could help them out in that department. I started loving on them and comforting them as best as I could. I even helped the sick Brittany who couldn’t always stay standing. I would lean against him and help him stand up when he got tired.

Despite the despair and heart break they were suffering, they couldn’t have loved me more. I knew that this was my forever home right away, and they knew it too! It was love at first site. I am what is called a failed foster, and I am proud to admit it!!

I’m twelve years old now, and besides the trouble with my leg, I am fit as a fiddle. I plan on sticking around for quite some time. I don’t want to miss out on all the fun things that my new family does with me. They love on me all the time and know everything I like. We go on road trips, lots of walks, swimming every day in the summer, and I even go to the Three Dog Bakery to pick out my own birthday cake! Who would have thought that a dog could have a birthday cake? I didn’t but now I get one for every birthday. We French Brittanys love our desserts, but I always share with my three sisters.

Well, I am sure you all want to hear more about me, but I have a walk to go on and some lovin’ to give my Mom. Thanks for listening to my story, and if you want to make a Brittany’s dream come true, please just contact my Aunt Pattie or my other friends at BRIT!