Age:13 weeks
Weight:  13 lbs

I know, I’m adorable, but I don’t look like a “regular” Brittany. Well, here’s the deal: I’m not a regular Brittany (I’m cuter). BRIT rescued me from a high kill shelter before something terrible happened to me.

Hi, my name is “Shelby.” I think I’m 1/2 Brittany, and 1/2 Aussie, but we’re not really sure but you’ll have to agree that I am adorable.

I am just so happy to be out of that shelter! It was scary in there! I’m still a puppy, so I like lots of toys and I LOVE bones to gnaw on! I need some training as I was a stray before going to the shelter, so I don’t have many manners yet, but I learn fast!

I’m getting to eat a bunch now because I got really skinny being a stray. I love to follow people around and get lots of hugs and kisses! I’m outgoing and easy going and settle down easily — especially after I’ve played hard! The nice woman who rescued me from the shelter has even seen me go on point a time or two, so maybe I can go hunting with you??? Won’t you be my forever parents???

Shelby can’t be spayed till she’s about six months old. She just had her first set of puppy shots (two more to go, plus her rabies shot). Shelby has been microchipped and ready for her forever home.


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