MIMI '15 - face shot  11-13-15Update on Mimi (Nov. 16th)

Despite 30+ days in the hospital, Mimi is doing MUCH BETTER! Her tumor was removed and she is as happy as can be. Check out the big smile on the new picture we just posted. Here is an update from her vet:

“The update on Mimi is that she is doing much better. Acting like a much younger dog. After removing the mass and her infected uterus her anemia has corrected itself.

Although her recent blood work shows her much better, it also shows she suffered a traumatic insult to her liver. These values are too high and we have started her on a liver supplement. 

MIMI '15 - post lump surgery  x2  11-2015We holding off on the oral fistula to see what the response to the liver supplement will be. The oral fistula is basically a rotten tooth which caused an opening between the oral cavity and the nasal cavity. Once her liver is stabilized the tooth will be removed and the opening stitched closed.

So for now she must remain in hospital care for at least the next few weeks.”

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Senior French Brittany, Mimi, Needs Multiple Surgeries

MIMI_shelter_1Mimi is a sweet senior French Brittany who was “owner surrendered” to a shelter in Southwest Texas. The shelter thinks Mimi was used for breeding and now that her breeding days are over she was of no use to them. 

Unfortunately, Mimi’s health is really poor. She is with our vet now. They have performed a thorough examination, and checked her lungs, heart, liver, and spleen, etc. through x-rays.

They are reporting the following urgent health issues:

Issue #1) Mimi’s most immediate concern is her respiratory problem. It seems to be a very bad case of Kennel Cough which has migrated to pneumonia. Associated with this is some nasty diarrhea which we are treating with antibiotics. We are waiting to see how she responds to the medication.

Issue #2) Mimi is suffering from a severe urinary bladder infection and is peeing blood. We are treating this with antibiotics as well. This too is a waiting game.

Issue #3) Mimi has a tennis-ball sized tumor on her right rear leg. This has been biopsied and confirmed as a mast cell tumor which is a type that can metastasize. Because these tumors have “tentacles” we will have to take large margins of her hind quarter around the tumor when we remove it.

Issue #4) Mimi has Pyometra which is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. During estrus (“heat”), white blood cells, which normally protect against infection, are inhibited from entering the uterus.

Issue #5) Mimi has major dental issues. Many of her teeth are rotting and need to be pulled. 

Mimi is looking at an extended hospital stay to overcome these issues and recuperate.
Despite her multiple issues, our vet tells us her prognosis is good

Mimi is a very sweet girl and BRIT is committed to her recovery and finding her a loving forever home. Any help you can provide will go directly to Mimi’s hospital fund.