Scotty_Brittany_Spaniel_Rescue_Texas_1BRIT #:  20130401
Status:   ADOPTED
Age:         2 yrs
Gender: Male
Weight:  47 pounds

BRIT is calling me “Scotty” and I think it’s a pretty cool name – I’m getting used to it. They say I’m a pretty big Brittany and could actually stand to put on a few pounds.

I know absolutely nothing about my past – got that amnesia thing going on. Please check back for updates on my personality. BRIT will find out how really mellow and sweet and adorable and gentle I am … I won’t tell them, they need to find out for themselves. I like all people and love other dogs – not sure about cats, they seem okay.

More bottom line stuff: I’m sweet, kind, affectionate, gentle, quiet, well-behaved, handsome – doesn’t that sound great?

I am looking for my forever family. Are you looking for someone like me? Well, here I am – waiting for YOU.