BRIT_Roxy_1123_1BRIT #:  20131102
Age:        Born 8/19/09
Gender: Female
Weight: 25 pounds

ARFF! My name is Roxy and I’m an energetic Brittany. I was adopted by a young couple when I was a puppy, but they had a baby and gave me to an older man with many Lab Retriever dogs as well as small grandchildren to run and play with! I lived with my wonderful owner until he passed away then I came and lived with my Foster Mom where I am now.

I love to hop like a deer through the fields behind my house. I usually run, play, swim, and sometimes nap all day outside, but at night I come in to play and sleep with my foster parents. I never potty in the house, only outside! I know how to sit, stay (most of the time) and I love to give kisses. Sometimes my energy gets the best of me and I jump on my human friends! I try hard never to jump on the smaller humans (children) because I do not want to hurt them. I love to chase children and they love to chase me. I like to chase kitties to – just to play with them, but I think they get the wrong idea ☺

When I am not playing with children next door I am running with my dog friends exploring fields. After running, I like to jump in a pond, creek, puddle, or small pool and swim circles. After I’m finished swimming I roll in the grass to dry off then take a long nap. I love my Foster Mom, but cannot wait to find a family with either kids, dogs or both to call home. I would love a large area to run because running is my favorite thing to do!

I can’t wait to meet my new family soon! ARF ARF!

Roxy is up to date on her shots, spayed and microchipped. She is ready for her forever home.

If you are interested in adopting this Brittany, please fill out our Online Adoption Application.

Questions regarding this Brittany should be directed to:

  • Pattie at [cryptex][/cryptex] or (817) 300-8301 or
  • Erlinda at [cryptex][/cryptex] or (817) 528-5019


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