Dyson in his travel hammock

A road trip with your Brittany is not only doable, it can be lots of fun, too. A little preparation ahead of time goes a long way toward making a road trip comfortable and enjoyable for your Brittany. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Acclimate your Brittany to the vehicle

Get your Brittany used to riding in the car and help make it a positive place. Let your dog go in and out of the vehicle while it’s parked and give treats. Give him a chew bone or anything else to help build a positive association. Start with short trips and build up travel time. 

Bring everything you need

Make sure you have your Brittany’s food, dishes, water bottle, collar or harness, leash, ID tags, medications, toys, treats, and vet records (in case you need to make an emergency vet visit) and a First Aid kit for dogs. Also consider sun protection, dog-friendly insect repellant, and a life jacket. Don’t forget a few soft blankets for the car and hotel, and possibly even your Brittany’s favorite plush bed, which will remind him of home.

Safety first

First and foremost, keep your pup safe in the car with a doggie seatbelt, car harness, travel hammock, or crate. Accidents happen, and the last thing you want is for something terrible to happen to your Brittany. A crate or kennel is one of the safer ways for your dog to travel, provided the crate is very sturdy and can be secured in place. Use straps or harnesses to keep the crate secured. 


Whether using a seatbelt or crate, make your Brittany’s travel space comfortable with a soft, warm blanket or crate pad. Make sure they can stand up, lie down, and stretch. Choose a spot that allows the A/C to keep them cool. Keep him busy with a stuffed Kong, chew bones or other interactive toys. Make sure to stop frequently so your Brittany can relieve itself, stretch its legs, and get a drink of water. 

Hotel Tips

Hotels/Motels where you can park near the door or ground level rooms that are near an exit are ideal. Call ahead to make sure the hotel allows dogs. If your Brittany is crate-trained, take the crate into the room with you, so you have a safe place to secure them. It’s best not to leave your Brittany alone in the room, especially if he seems nervous. 

Reference: The Spruce Pets