Hi everyone, I’m a puppy and I don’t have a name yet. I am wearing a Light Blue collar and I am a boy.

My beautiful MOM “Addie” (see below) had an “encounter” with a local lothario (who jumped the fence) and as a result I’m here along with my other brother and all my sisters :)   Unfortunately, we don’t know who our Dad is :(      (Don’t judge…it happens.)

Here’s a little about my personality:  See how my blue eyes match my collar? I’m only one of 2 boys and was the smallest but I’m catching up fast. I’m not shy at all. I can wiggle my way into everything.

I know, I know – I am so adorable … and I’m as sweet and spunky as I am adorable. I’m absolutely a baby puppy … gotta love puppies and I most definitely am in full baby puppy mode! I’m just learning to PLAY, EAT puppy food, poop, then take a big nap and start the above activities all over again! I am still a baby and I have a lot of livin’ and learnin’ to do – think I’ll have a blast learning how wonderful Brittanys can be (and I will be one of the best).

The adoption fee for this puppy is $450, plus a $150 neuter deposit (refunded upon proof of neuter). This puppy is too young to travel so must be adopted in Texas.

I will get my first set of puppy shots in one week. Then there will be two more sets to go). I’m way too young to be neutered (whatever that means :-).

BRIT #2020-0409

  • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age:  born 2/28/2020
  • Gender:  male
  • Weight:  little puppy size (<5 lbs)