Perry - Brittany Rescue in TexasBRIT #: 20121001
Age: 5 years 
Gender: Male
Weight: 55 pounds

My new name is “Perry” – it’s kind of a cool name – I like it. I was named after something they called a crooner (Perry somebody or other) – heaven knows why, I don’t even sing. They say I’m a blend of French Brittany and Border Collie – a good combo don’t ya think? I do have a Border Collie tail, that’s for sure – my signature “flag.” It’s true, I could stand to lose a few pounds – my foster family is working with me on that.

My foster parents are so in love with me – I can tell – even though I’ve never felt love before, I definitely feel it now.  Unfortunately, they have too many Brittanys or they would keep me forever.  I’m  quiet, sweet and affectionate – and love, love, love to hunt the squirrels, etc. in the back yard with my foster brothers and sisters.  I heard my foster mom tell someone that I’m the only foster dog she hasn’t needed to crate at night (or ever) – she said it’s because I’m such a good boy and the best foster ever!!! I’m okay with cats, but you might want to introduce us slowly – I’m so mellow I can’t imagine they would have a problem with me.

Do you have squirrels in your back yard? I am quite the squirrel hunter and love to chase them – wonder what I’d do if I ever caught one. Oh well the chances of that happening are slim – they are way faster than I am, but it’s still great fun chasing those bushy tailed critters.

Bottom line:  I’m sweet, kind, affectionate, gentle, quiet, housebroken, well-behaved, adorable – can ya get any better than that?

I am looking for my forever family. Are you looking for someone like me? Maybe we can get together and make a plan for our futures.

Perry is up to date on his shots, neutered, undergoing heartworm treatment. He is microchipped and ready for his forever home.