7/3/24 Update:

From Penny’s mom early this morning

“We brought Penny home last night (per the vet’s suggestion) – it was great to have her with us. This morning they are going to draw blood – we will wait for the results.  She’s dehydrated and lost almost a pound overnight. She still has no fever – so that is good … I thought she was out of the woods but she is not. They are testing her for lepto also. She’s showing signs of jaundice now. My poor baby. She has officially made It 72 hours so I was hoping they would be more positive about her progress.

Update at noon today:

The vet just got the bloodwork back – so I’m heading up there right now.  Penny does have lepto – she’s in liver and Kidney failure so the prognosis is not good. They say she’s not going to be able to survive this. Our hearts are totally shattered – we had to let Penny go peacefully and quickly so she won’t suffer any more.


7/2/24 Update: 

“Thank you all for your prayers and support, it means so much to our family. She received the monoclonal antibody shot among many other meds. Penny made it through the night ” She is looking better but still can’t stand up – it’s still touch and go for her. We picked her up at 5:30 this morning from the 24 hour ER animal hospital and transferred her to our vet for daytime care. Her spirits seem much better. Her kidney levels are still low but we are hopeful they will come up once she has a couple more days of IV fluids and meds. Again, thank you for all for your love and support.”

Penny Special Needs

Penny (fka Everest) is a very sick little girl hanging on for her life. She is only 10 weeks old and was adopted just two weeks ago. BRIT is committed to supporting this young family through her illness. Below is the update we received from her dad today. The Emergency Vet hospital which specializes in Parvo treatment has quoted $7,000 for 24/7 care for next 48 hours. 
7/1/24 Update:
“It started Saturday night. It was almost midnight, and penny had been sleeping next to me on the couch. Out of nowhere she stood up and started dry heaving. After a couple of vomiting episodes we finally got her back to sleep for the night. The next morning she wouldn’t eat and threw up again. Later that day we boiled some chicken and rice for her. She ate it right up, but only kept it down for a few hours. After that she didn’t want to eat at all and started having some diarrhea. We hoped that maybe she had just eaten something she shouldn’t have, but the vet visit Monday morning proved otherwise. She was diagnosed with parvo, but also discovered severe anemia and kidney issues.”