Age:5 months
Weight:  18 lbs

I know, I’m adorable, but I don’t look like a “regular” Brittany. Well, here’s the deal: I’m not a full Brittany. My next stop was going to be a shelter when BRIT stepped in and saved me and my brother ‘Avery.’ 

We have no idea what I’m blended with (hey maybe there’s not even much Brittany in me, but possibly Springer – or Brittany/Springer blend – or some other combo). Does it really matter? BRIT saved my life and that’s what counts. Anyway, we’re just not sure, but you’ll have to agree that I am pretty darn cute.

Now that I have that out of the way, hi everyone – my name is OREO – I’m a girl! I’m a very sweet, loving, affectionate and snuggly wonderful young pup. I’ve never lived inside … so I’m working on breaking the house (I think that’s what they call it).

They tell me that I’m very inquisitive and really love to play with toys. I love to play with my brother ‘Avery’ … we’re best friends. I like to hang back and watch what’s going on before I step up to get involved. I’m taking notes on what it’s like to be a Brittany – it’s a fun club to be in. Just don’t forget that I’m definitely all puppy!

Oreo has had her first round of puppy shots (more to come) and will be spayed soon. She is on heartworm preventative and microchipped. She sure would like be in her forever (or even foster) home very very soon.