Howdy everyone-

My name used to be Katy (back when I was 4 months old). I lived in someone’s back yard without a lot of attention or toys or anything. My family decided they didn’t want me anymore and gave me up. I came to the wonderful folks at Brittany Rescue of Texas at the end of last summer (2010). I was scared and worried not knowing where or who I would end up, but Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim told me not to worry. They promised me I would end up in a great home with someone who would love me and take great care of me … I did feel relieved and trusted them.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon my Aunt Pattie loaded me and another cute Brittany (a French girl) into the car for a ride. She told us that she hoped we were going to our forever homes. We pulled up to a cute house in Dallas and a sweet short lady came running outside – Aunt Pattie introduced us … man it was love at first sight for both of us!!! My new friend got down in the grass and hugged and loved on me. She kept telling me I was the cutest puppy ever, I was blushing but you couldn’t see since I have a cute white face with orange around my eyes. My new friend bought me treats, WOW that was cool. The next thing I knew I was meeting a smaller dog, a Pug (I am not sure what that is), I was hoping it was a new toy, LOL.

We went into the house to see how we all did together. There was a basket full of toys and this thing called doggie door… and outside the doggie door was a huge backyard!! Man I thought I was in heaven! Aunt Pattie asked me if I wanted to stay at this house forever, well, of course, my answer was YES! So I got adopted. That night my new Mom and Sister (Lucy) took me to PetSmart, where I got my very own water and food bowls, lots of toys and treats!!!

My new Mom changed my name to Molly, since my birthday is St. Patties Day! It’s been heaven since that day! My Mom takes me on road trips to visit friends and family! I am spoiled rotten to the core (love that part), I sleep in the bed with my Mom and sister. My Mom loves to walk us and play in the yard with us! When my Mom is at work, I get to play in the backyard and hunt the squirrels or come inside and nap on the couch. Can life get any better? I think not.

I am the most loyal Brit to my Mom, since she loves me so much. And since she loves me and our breed so much, she now fosters Brittanys to help save more of us. My Mom is so cool, not only does she foster, but she has even transported for Aunt Pattie and Aunt Erlinda! I love being a foster sister, I have someone to get into trouble with (and someone to blame)! And – for some unknown reason – me and my foster kin hear this a lot “a tired Brittany is a good Brittany”!

Thank You Erlinda, Pattie, Jim and everyone else for all you do for Brittany Rescue in Texas! We love you guys!