BRIT_Dog_Rescue_Milo_1BRIT #:  20130605
Status:   ADOPTED
Age:        8 months old
Gender: Male
Weight:  30 pounds

Hello out there in Brittany Land – “Milo” here! I know you can’t believe how incredibly adorable I am … Well, it’s true. However, the good news is that I am as sweet and affectionate as I am cute. I have been told that I’m a “typical” Brittany puppy boy – and your point is … if that means I like to do things that Brittanys do (like hugging, running, loving, playing, running), then call me “typical.”

I know there are a lot of cute, adorable and handsome Brittanys on this website, but I’m right up there on that list. I have amnesia … don’t remember a thing about my past. However, I have a great foster family and here’s what they say: Milo plays well with other dogs and is respectful of cats. He loves playing with toys and is quite entertaining to watch. He walks well on a leash and is all about pleasing people. He is a sweet, loving little guy.

Milo will be neutered and microchipped in a few days. He is up to date on his shots and will be ready for his new home in a week.