Age:Crossed The Rainbow Bridge at 5 years
Weight:  40 lbs

Hello to everyone out there in Brittany Land!!! My name is “MIA.” I’m a happy-go-lucky girl, active, inquisitive and very loving. In fact I love to cuddle a LOT and if you’re not in the mood, well, then, I guess I have to get your attention – I’m so worth it.

I came from a shelter where I was in line to be put down – BUT Brittany Rescue in Texas came quickly and swept me up and out of there. Just in the nick of time. Thank you BRIT. 

I’d love to have another dog in my new home – not a requirement, but I’d love the company – it gives me someone to play with, someone to pal around with and someone to get in trouble with. 

I am pretty much a perfect girl – you see, I’m housebroken and I’m way past the puppy chewing, getting into trouble kinds of things. I need to gain a few pounds, but you can help me with that. Adopt_Mia_BRIT_2