We are pleased to announce dog psychologist and trainer, Robbie Estill, will be our guest speaker at BRIT Fest 2024! 

Robbie will share with us his philosophy: 

People often have a misconception of the term “dog training” and think it’s all about commands like “sit” and “stay.” At Estill Dog Psychology, we focus on the brain first and the body second. When we can create and reward a calm state of mind in a dog, we can change associations. This teaches the dog that human beings can be a source of information and safety.


It’s also important to us to educate humans on dog psychology and how a dog’s mind works. Working with both humans and dogs builds stronger relationships. It is the key to creating life-long bonds.


At Estill Dog Psychologyour focus is building better and stronger relationships between humans and dogs. This connection is what creates a life-long bond.


Our balanced approach and training methods were created to tap into mother nature’s communication forms. These more instinctive methods help your dog understand information provided by humans which can get them to a less frustrating, more fulfilling life. The other side of the process is our education for humans on dog psychology and how the dog’s brain functions. When we work both sides of the relationship, great change and growth are seen.

His company, Estill Dog Psychology, offers private training, boarding and training, yoga with dogs, and public speaking. Learn more about Robbie on his website: http://estilldogpsychology.com/home/ and on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083257814811

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Robbie Estill