One of your fellow BRIT Brittany supporters has thrown down a challenge to help raise funds for Miss BeBee’s heart treatment.

Donate to Britany Rescue in Texas

This BRIT Guardian-Angel (who has asked to remain anonymous) will match, dollar for dollar, each $5 donation up to $250!

Your $5 donation will contribute $10 to BeBee’s care.

Let’s raise $250 in donations and meet this challenge, which will bring in $500 for Miss BeBee!!

This brave, sweet girl is a trooper and has come through her first round of veterinarian “adventures” with flying colors. However, she still has a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur and needs follow up treatment with a cardiology specialist.

To date we have spent $950 on treatment for Miss BeBee and anticipate the upcoming cardiologist visit will cost another $500.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Miss BeBee’s Virtual Kissing Booth. Your kisses and love raised close to $400! Her foster mom tells us she is the sweetest girl and is always smiling. We love you BeBee!



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