Marley '15 - new do - x3  5-2-15

Age:5 years
Weight:  36 lbs

UPDATE from Marley’s Foster Dad 7-2015:

One of the things I’ve noticed about Marley is how well he plays both with our young Brittanys.  Marley loves to play and he’s really incredibly gentle when we’re playing which I think is pretty impressive. Perhaps it’s the difference in age, but Marley’s a much more mellow guy than either of our youngster Brittanys: Crockett or Zoe.  He’s still an active guy, patrolling the house/yard and rough housing.

We love his tail a whole bunch, it gives him some added body language that sure can be cute.

Marley does well with other dogs. He is completely housebroken. Marley is crate trained, however, it’s not his favorite thing. The good news is we’ve gotten to the point where we trust Marley to spend time outside of his kennel unsupervised and not get into trouble.  

Marley likes to cuddle and be near us. When things are calm in the house, he settles down and loves to sit right next to us on the couch.  When we’re working at the computer, he likes to periodically check on us and frequently lays down in the middle of the office to keep an eye on things.

Marley is a good boy. When he’s running around in the backyard, he listens to us.  He’ll come back into the house when we call him. He’s learned to sit in exchange for something yummy and he seems to understand why he’s being corrected.  We don’t have any doubt that if attended obedience training, he’d have no problem mastering all of the basic commands.


Howdy, ya’ll, my name is “Marley.” I joined BRIT a few days ago and I don’t remember anything about my past life.

I’ll be in a foster home in few days. I am a brand new member of BRIT, so please give these guys some time to be able to get to know me and they will update my story.

Marley has been neutered, is up to date on his shots, heartworm negative and on preventative and microchipped.

Updated Photos:

Marley '15 - new do - x1  5-2-15

These photos were taken before my fancy new hair cut: