Adopt me_MaggieBRIT #:  20140103
Status:   ADOPTED
Age:        8 years
Gender: Female
Weight: 41 pounds

Hello to everyone out there in Brittany Land!!! My name is “Maggie.” I’m a happy-go-lucky girl, active, inquisitive and very loving. In fact I love to cuddle a LOT and if you’re not in the mood, well, then, I guess I have to get your attention – I’m so worth it.

I came from a home with another dog. So if you have to work (and leave me home) I’d love to have another dog in my new home – not a requirement, but I’d love the company – it gives me someone to play with, someone to pal around with and someone to get in trouble with.

I am pretty much a perfect girl – you see, I’m housebroken and I’m way past the puppy chewing, getting into trouble kinds of things. Okay, so maybe I need to lose a few pounds, but you can help me with that.

If you’re looking for a Brittany girl just like me . . . and I am a good catch . . . I’m also looking for my forever family, so please fill out an adoption application and put my name on there.

Maggie May the sweetest superdog

Maggie is probably the happiest animal I have ever met. She is so full of life, a lively girl. Except for the white on her face you’d never know that she is 8 years old. I have trouble believing it, myself. She’s a ball of energy but with excellent manners. She gets really excited and her whole butt wags (rather than simply her nubbin/tail). She also talks. It’s a special sort of talk.. she does some howling when you get home and she barks in order to communicate. Seriously, it’s like she’s trying to talk to you. Super cute. In case you were wondering, she stops “talking” when she is addressed, and other than “talking,” she doesn’t bark much. If she does bark it’s because she’s playing with another dog or alerting me to a stranger or a deer in the backyard. 

 Maggie loves other dogs. She is quite social with the dog across the fence. She seems to enjoy children, but I’ve only had one interaction with her and children so far. It was with a toddler and she was very sweet, I felt totally comfortable letting her interact freely with the child. I think she would be an excellent dog for a family with small children as she is gentle and she never jumps up. Her manners really are excellent. Even better than my own Brittany. She is potty trained and crate trained. She appears to genuinely like her crate. I allow her to sleep in my room but I think she’d be just fine sleeping in her crate, too. I keep her in the crate while I am at work and she seems to like this arrangement.

I am totally honest when I say Maggie is a doll. She really is a lady. The only mini-problematic behavior I have noticed is that she seems to get sad/anxious when I leave.

Again, Maggie is one of the happiest animals I know. She worships people and just adores her time with her people. Her manners are impeccable. She will love being part of your family. Really I couldn’t imagine a better “family dog.” Full of love and life; gentle and well behaved. What more could a person ask for? 

“Maggie” has been spayed, is up to date on all her shots, heartworm negative, on heartworm preventative and is microchipped.


Maggie_wearing_boa_Brittany_adoption_TX  Maggie_adopt me