Age:1.5 yrs (12/15/13)
Weight:  40 lbs

I know what you’re thinking:  I have never seen a Brittany that looked like this … well, don’t panic.  I AM a French Brittany!  And an exquisite one at that!!! 

I have a short and sort of sad story – my family had never had Brittanys before and thought they could crate me 24/7 and then they wondered why I was overactive when they let me out for a few minutes a day. Hellooooo, I’m a Brittany – gotta run and play and love and be loved on. Fortunately, I’m now a member of BRIT and in a great foster home where I’m allowed (even encouraged) to be a Brittany.

I love my Brittany foster brother, and my Foster Mom and Dad. I’m pretty much housebroken. I’m loving this foster home thing – it’s such a fun place. I get to run the back yard, hunt for birds, squirrels and anything that flies (or moves). I’m learning about toys – never really played with toys before. I’d really like to have another dog in my forever home – I want someone to play with 24/7.

My foster folks tell me I am a very special girl. They tell me that I’m not only beautiful, but am very loving and affectionate and whoever adopts me will be so incredibly lucky (wow, I think my foster folks must really love me).