Hello everyone, this is Bailey’s mom and I wanted to update you on how she is doing since becoming blind about four and a half years ago. Bailey’s diagnosis was PRA (progressive retinal atrophy). 

Bailey was our first Brittany from BRIT who came to us when she was about one and a half years old. She was a petite bundle of fun and energy who liked to swim, jump over our six foot fence to visit neighbors and dig lots of large holes in the yard! There was never a dull moment around our house. Shortly before the onset of her blindness, Bailey became a sister to two BRIT brothers. She never lost her status as the alpha of the pack and today, remains “top dog” at home. Bailey always gets the first treat, first pick of toys and whatever place on the couch she desires.  

Bailey’s limitations include no swimming (we installed a low profile fence around the pool), no fence jumping and not being able to catch a treat that is tossed to her. That’s it! She still spends the majority of her day outside digging holes and walking around the backyard making sure the bushes and plants don’t go anywhere. Bailey barks when the water bowl is empty, when it’s time for dinner and when she thinks she should get some of what’s on our plates.

The truly amazing thing to watch is how Bailey adapts to any changes. We still make it a habit to tidy up the family living area to keep her out of danger but there have been times when it was necessary to change a few pieces of furniture around. Bailey makes a couple attempts to “map” the area and all is well. We have found that rugs help her count steps and keep her from slipping when she heads outdoors to play.

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation as ours, make sure to get a few extra rugs and a couple more dogs (BRIT can help you with that one). Our Bailey has enriched our lives as we watch her “move mountains” each day!

Thanks for letting us share our Brittany love,

The Rumba works around Bailey!