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Logan was found by a good samaritan on her way to work. She spotted him on the side of the road struggling to walk. She took him to the nearest vet who did triage. BRIT was contacted and we rushed him to Dr. Beam at Alvarado Vet Clinic who immediately scheduled him for surgery. 

X-rays showed Logan has a displaced fracture in both bones left front leg; radial ulnar fracture. He will be inserting a permanent t-plate.

His hospital stay is expected to be six days with a six-month recovery time. 

Expected costs, surgical, post-surgery hospital stay, medications, and rehabilitation = est. $4,000. 

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UPDATE: 10/28/2020

Good news! Logan came through his surgery with flying colors although it took longer than anticipated due to the angle of the break. Dr. Beam placed a plate along the radius bone and secured it with seven screws. The ulna bone was realigned and is stabilized by the plate on the radius. He has a follow up appointment with the surgeon in two weeks. In the meantime he is convalescing with our vet where they are regularly changing his bandages, checking the incision to prevent infection, and doing the hard work of keeping him “calm” … not easy for a Brittany!