Lilly_Brittany_Rescue_Dog-1BRIT #: 20120801
Age: 3 months (estimate)
Gender: Female
Weight: 10 pounds

I know, I’m adorable and precious, but I don’t look like a “regular” Brittany. Well, here’s the deal: I’m a Brittany Blend. Maybe I’m blended with a Lab – just not sure. But, you’ll have to agree that I am adorable. My big brother “Leo” is way bigger than me, but then he’s a boy (we’re two peas in a pod, so to speak).

Somehow I ended up at a thing they call a shelter. I’m told our whole litter was surrendered to the shelter. Boy was that a scary, yucky place. I’m so glad a nice lady got me out of there in a hurry and got me to BRIT. One great thing about me, and something that sets me apart from other Brittanys, is that I have a tail. Yes! I have a tail and that makes me very special

I can tell you that I LOVE toys, all kinds of toys, love other dogs too, and I love to play. I may be little but I don’t take any guff off my brother Leo. I also really like water and love running around the sprinkler. I can’t promise that I won’t potty in the house (after all I’m only a baby girl) but my Foster Family is working really hard on training me. I think they said they’re home schooling me – I’m learning to sit, down and other stuff. I figured out the pet door real fast – holy cow, what a great invention. The good news is that I’m a Brittany Blend and smart as a whip, so I can learn anything you want to teach me.

Guess I’ll sign off right now and let these BRIT folks spend some time with me and one of us will report back with an update. In the meantime, feel free to fill out an adoption application, and put my name (“Lilly”) on it.

Lilly is too young to be spayed. She has received her second set of puppy shots, and is on heartworm preventative and is microchipped. She will be ready for adoption after her final set of puppy shots – which will occur the end of August.