BRIT_Rescue_Dog_kilo_1BRIT #: 20130107
Status:  Crossed The Rainbow Bridge
Gender: Female

Kilo’s Intake Story:

Hello everyone, my name is “Kilo.” I’m a sweet adorable French Brittany girl. Aren’t I cute? If you don’t know much about French Brittanys, just check out BRIT’s website and their link to the French Brittany page – then you’ll be really up to speed about us Frenchies.

I’m about 6 years old but I don’t know my birthday so you can pick a day to be my birthday. How cool is that! I love to be petted and love to snuggle. I’m housebroken and go in and out the doggie door. I love toys, especially balls. I’ll chase balls all day but sometimes my back left leg hurts so you have to limit my activity when it comes to chasing the ball. When I was little I got run over by a tractor and they had to operate on my leg, but it’s OK most of the time. The Doctor said I may have to have an artificial hip someday. I love other dogs and cats but not so much little kids. I promise I’ll be a loving member of your family – you won’t believe how absolutely sweet I am – everyone who meets me says so – even my Foster Dad ☺

My Master loved me and took real good care of me but she has cancer and wanted to make sure I have a good home. She loves me so much and I love her even more!

A little background on Kilo from her Mom: “Kilo was part of a litter of Brittany Spaniels being trained to become bomb sniffing dogs and was to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. However, at 6 months old, they determined she wasn’t as focused and interested in bomb sniffing as her littermates, so she was adopted out to a family on a farm.

Sadly, at 9 months old, Kilo was run over by a tractor and her back leg/hip was injured – so she has a little arthritis. It is not noticeable most days, though – and she gets around fine, goes on walks, etc. Only on cold, rainy days does she limp a little – but she is now on Glucosamine, which helps her arthritis in. She is extremely gentle, loving and sweet. She does tend to like to try to steal other dog’s toys.” ☺

Kilo is up to date on her shots, heartworm negative and on preventative, spayed and microchipped and ready for her forever home!