Kara - gazing out the door 9-12-13 When my Mom told me she was retiring and that my life would be even better as a result, I didn’t know what the word retirement meant. Now that it’s a reality, I totally agree with my Mom:  retirement is a wonderful thing!

I used to spend every Monday through Friday all alone listening to the radio, napping and watching out the back door for the squirrels to visit my backyard.  

Now, I wake up every morning knowing that Mom and I are going to do something speKara - early morning on nature walk 8-2014 cial. If the weather is nice enough, we usually go on a long walk along the nature trail. The nature trail is my favorite place to walk because if no one is around, I get to go off-leash and run to my heart’s content. You do know how a Brittany loves to run. The best part is getting to hunt for squirrels and rabbits.

Brittany are known for their terrific bird-dog skills and I think birdsare okay but there’s nothing as thrilling as treeing a squirrel or running after a bunny in hot pursuit. I’ve never caught anything and don’t know what would happen if I did but I always hear my MomKara and the squirrel on the fence 4-27-12 say that she’s “glad it got away.”  

We also get to go visit my friends. I especially love visiting my friends who have squirrels in their backyards. Did I mention that I have a passion for squirrel hunting? Cousins Nena, Battle and Levi have lots of squirrels in their backyards so we spend a lot of time in eager anticipation of the furry little critters making an appearance to taunt us with their chattering and tail popping!

Squirrel watching is always an exhilarating experience followed by a nice, cozy little nap.  


As I see it, retirement means simply more opportunity for hunting and any Brittany knows that there can never be too much time for hunting!