When I was only 10 weeks old, I heard someone say I was going to be a “rescue puppy.” Not knowing exactly what that meant, I was scared at first. But, I quickly learned that “rescue” was not a bad thing. In fact, I was actually a very lucky little dog to have been rescued by my wonderful foster parents, Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim. They took me into their loving arms and caring home and promised me that soon, I would have my very own forever home with someone to dearly love me for life!

Thanks to the diligent efforts of Pattie and Jim, that promise was soon fulfilled. Now, two and a half years later, I find myself deeply rooted in my safe and loving home with my very own person (my “Mom”). She tells me every day that she loves me to the Moon and Back and that I’m the best dog ever!

I guess you could say that I’m a city girl, but since I’m a Brittany, I naturally have an exhilarating passion for the outdoors and love to run and swim and play. So, even though we live in town and I have a big, fenced yard in which to play, my Mom takes me on trips to the country to satisfy my intense need to run with wild abandon; chase anything that runs or flies; and swim until I’m worn out!

I get full run of our house through my doggie door and I even let my Mom sleep in our big bed with me each night. She tries to take all of the covers but I do my best to get my share. I have lots of toys and treats and go walking every day. We also have many nice friends so I even get doggie play dates with my furry friends who are active enough to keep up with a Brittany!

So, looking back, I would say that being rescued is definitely a good thing and “Happily Ever Afters” really can come true!