My name is Kara and I am one of seven puppies born to Jessie and Champ on a farm in North Texas on a hot, sultry day in July of 2009. I was happy to run and play with my remaining two brothers until one day, I learned that my human owners were leaving the farm and they couldn’t take us with them. That made me very sad and scared because at that point, I overheard them talking about an ad in the newspaper to “sell them in a hurry.”

I was only 8 weeks old and the thought of leaving my family and country-life was frightening since I’d never been outside the fence of my pen. I couldn’t begin to imagine what was going to happen to me in that great big world far away from the farm.

But fortunately, fate intervened and a very special lady happened to read the “Pets for Sale” ad in the newspaper and she became quite alarmed when she saw the “must sell quickly” ad for three little Brittany puppies. She was very concerned that the three of us would not be placed in good, loving homes if someone was willing to sell us hurriedly and at a bargain price. She knew immediately that we needed to be rescued! She and her caring husband didn’t waste a minute of time and rushed to rescue all of us that very day.

My brothers and I loved Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim the minute we met them. They took us lovingly into their arms and assured us that we would be okay. We felt protected, loved and from that moment on, we knew we were safe and didn’t have anything to fear. They eagerly took all three of us into their caring home and immediately made us a part of their loving family.

While we lived with Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim, my brothers and I became fast friends with their other rescue dogs – five in all! These amazing dogs showed us how to be good little Britts and how to socialize well with other dogs and humans. Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim took great care of us, too. We had good, nourishing food, veterinary care, lots of toys and a big yard in which to play. Of course, as any Brittany knows, wrestling with each other and digging frantically in the dirt were our favorite activities.

As much fun as it was living with Aunt Pattie and Uncle Jim, my brothers and I knew from the beginning that they were preparing us for a new life ahead. We understood that they rescued us from an undesirable situation and that this was a safe haven only until they could find the best forever homes for us.

All the while we were frolicking, digging, chewing, and barking, Aunt Pattie was doing her best to find good, loving homes for us. And what a great job she did!