Kahlua x1 Brittany for AdoptionBRIT #: 20123001
Age: 1.5 years
Gender: Female
Weight: 30 pounds

My name is Kahlua, isn’t that a cool name? My foster mother says it’s because I’m richly colored, sweet and make her happy. I am very sweet, but I’m a little uncertain right now. You see, I have a really bad case of Shelter Amnesia. I don’t remember anything before I got to the shelter! I can’t tell if I lived I in a house, with a family, if I have a favorite food or toy. I am playful so I’m sure we can pick out a toy or two for me if you adopt me! I’m just getting settled in so I’m sure my foster family and I will learn more about me and get you all some updates. I’m going to go explore and check out my new kennel while my foster mom tells you about me.

Kahlua came to us as a stray from the shelter. Therefore, we know nothing about her previous life. We have some facts and conjectures that we can cobble together to get an idea, but she can’t help with any details. We do know for sure that she’s quite young, approximately 1.5 years old with beautiful white teeth. She weighs 30 lbs and is at a very good weight. Her beautiful coat is primarily a rich liver/white color, she has a white chest and lovely freckled white legs. She has the most beautiful soft golden eyes. She’s quite a loving, sweet package! We will update with more details as we learn them. Right now she’s getting settled, being brought up to date on her shots, testing and her spay surgery and the insertion of the all important microchip! We believe that Kahlua spent most of her time outdoors based on the sun bleached liver fur. That will all change, of course, as she learns the skills needed to live indoors with people and other dogs.