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8/6/18 – We just received an update from Dr. Pam.
Overnight Jenny took a turn for the worse and is suffering from the following symptoms: severe diarrhea, head tilt to the right, “neurological” stumbles and falls, and nystagmus (a vision condition in which the eyes make repetitive, uncontrolled movements). These things could be caused from her heart worms, her ear infections, or a stroke. More in-depth tests are needed for sweet Jenny. 

7/26/18 – Thank you for your donations so far – here is an update on her condition:
Jenny is still in the vet hospital. She had her dental work done last week and her mouth is in better condition. She had her ears packed for the 2nd time and we’re hoping that the infection clears up soon. Despite the weakness in her back legs, but she is getting stronger every day! Thank you for your donations – they are helping us to pay for her care, but we still need more to cover her medical expenses. Can you help?

7/19/18 – Jenny was rescued by the granddaughter of an elderly man who has not been able to take care of her…for many years now! 

We have seen a lot in our years rescuing Brittanys but Jenny’s condition really shocked us.

When we first met Jenny, her body reeked from all her issues…filthy skin, coat, teeth, ears, and mats.  

In addition to being seriously malnourished she also has heartworms. Her coat is in horrible shape from not being bathed in years. She is covered in mats….we’ve NEVER seen so many mats…literally mats on top of mats.  

Dr. Pam says Jenny has the worst ears she has seen in a long time – full of “goop” caused by her poor corn-based diet.

Dental surgery is scheduled for tomorrow to remove her many rotted teeth.

Jenny is going to need x-rays, tests, medication and hospital care. 

Despite her perilous condition….she is a sweet girl and Dr. Pam is confident that Jenny will pull through this and can have a happy life. 

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