Age:7 Years (born 3/17/08)
Weight:  47 lbs

My name is “Jed” and I was recently rescued by the wonderful people at BRIT. My family had a sad turn of events and had to make the difficult decision to find me a new home because living circumstances had changed for them.

I’m a sweet and mellow boy and just a good all-around buddy … pretty much the perfect Brittany. I’m housebroken, love to be with my foster Brittanys and mostly love to hang out with my Foster Mom and Dad. TV watching is high on my list of fun things to do. When I’m not watching TV I love to stalk and catch grasshoppers and rabbits. Oh yeah, I DO love to have my belly rubbed.

I am an awesome Brittany and one of the most mellow Brittanys they’ve ever seen. It won’t be long before BRIT reports back to you about what an incredibly awesome, wonderful, smart, mellow, handsome, loving, affectionate, smart, (oh did I say that already?) … boy I am.