Jackie French BrittanyBRIT #: 2010-0905
Age: 9 years old
Gender: Female (French Brittany)
Weight: 40 pounds

Hi! I’m Jackie! I have a sad story to tell, but you can turn it into a happy ending for both of us by adopting me, and giving me a loving forever family.

My original owners left me, and Jake, at a shelter, and never explained why. I think that was just as well, since the folks here say we were probably what is called a “breeding pair” who got to old. I was also mistreated there, probably by a man, because I am very nervous of men until I get to know them.

Because of my background, I am really shy and timid when I first meet new people. But, with a little patience, it doesn’t take long for me to warm up to you. Once I do, I am very affectionate and loving … cuddles, tummy rubs, and kisses are some of my favorites!!

I am overweight, and need to lose a few pounds, but that’s what having lots of puppies does to a girl. I have plenty of energy underneath those pounds, so with some good exercise and a proper diet, I will be my old slim trim self soon.

Jackie is an amazing girl! She has been through so much, but is still the sweetest, most loving girl. She has lost a couple pounds since coming to BRIT by just feeding her normally for her size and letting her move around on her own, but she still has a ways to go. She adores our 17 year old daughter, and gets along wonderfully with our other three Brittanys. She was nervous of Foster Dad at first, but follows him around every where now. The perfect home for Jackie would be one where there are not a lot of new people coming and going frequently, since it takes her a while to adjust to new faces. Most of all she needs a family that will commit to her and promise her that they will never abandon her. Are you the perfect family for Jackie?

We have had Jackie for 2 months now, and she is doing wonderfully! She adjusted quickly, and after a couple weeks her personality really came out. She is very sweet and laid back. She even gives you her paw when she wants to be rubbed!

Jackie may be 9 years old, but when we go for walks she has the enthusiasm of a puppy! She also has tons of energy when we come home. She even shakes because she’s so excited!

She is absolutely in love with her crate, whether she’s chewing on a toy, or just taking a nap in it. However, at night time she likes to sleep right beside my bed.

Jackie doesn’t seem to be afraid of new people or new experiences anymore. She is very sweet with our neighbor’s cat, and got along perfectly with her previous foster parent’s other dogs. She also loved her previous foster dad, but she is typically leery around new men. She would do well in a calm environment where she gets plenty of love and affection.

Jackie has been spayed, is current on her shots, is micro chipped, and is on heartworm preventative.