Hi, I’m Jack, and I’m looking for my forever home or a good Foster Family to hang out with. You see my Dad passed away and my Mom had to move to an apartment and could not keep me so she reached out to BRIT to find me another wonderful home.

Here’s what my Foster Mom says about me:

         I call him Go Go Jack. He has been trot trot trotting all around the house and yard sniffing everything. He either wants to be snifsploring or cuddled on the couch. And when I say cuddled, I mean CUDDLED. He is a love bug. He’s pretty easygoing. Jack slept on his bed on the floor of my room last night. Waited patiently for me to wake up this morning. Sits eagerly for meals and treats. He waits to be invited onto the couch.  

Jack is very interested in the cat but not aggressive towards her at all. His tail never stops wagging. I’d give him maybe a B- on obeying commands/responding to his name except if food is involved – he’s obedient for treats. He does pretty well with “no Jack” stopping things like trying to eat the cat food, etc. He is overall easy to have around and very sweet.

BRIT #2020-0802

  • Status: ADOPTED
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 32 pounds