Quick, what begins on Gotcha Day and goes until … forever? You guessed it: the love and affection we share with our Brittanys. Because they’re not just adorable nuggets of sweetness and light. Our Brittanys accept us for who we are: silly humans who insist on wearing pants and dining with utensils. Indeed, they love us for who we are.

And these days, our Brittanys’ devotion may be the one thing we don’t need to worry about — and that’s pretty amazing. Whether it’s a well-timed nuzzle, the way they look at us adoringly or the fact that our tennis shoe is their favorite pillow or chew toy, Brittanys have a way of letting us know they care. 

The gratitude we feel for our Brittanys is universal, but the individual ways they show us love is wonderful and unique. So please take a moment to share how your Brittanys let you know you are loved. Send your story and photos to: photos@brittanyrescueintexas.org