Special Needs Brittanys


BRIT is committed to helping (sight unseen) Texas Brittanys who have been rescued from:

  • Abusive situations
  • Neglectful situations
  • Puppy Mills
  • Shelters
  • Abandoned Brittanys
  • and owner surrenders

Many of these beautiful Brittanys have special needs such as:

  • Starvation
  • Head and Eye injuries (gun shots) 
  • Cancer
  • Heart worms
  • Broken Bones
  • Mange

BRIT receives its funding from Adoption Fees which do not cover the cost of veterinary treatments, medications, surgeries, surgical boarding, and housing and transportation. It is with YOUR help that BRIT can commit to bringing in these Brittanys no matter what their condition.  

Consider becoming a BRIT Rescue Angel and sponsoring one of our deservings “special” BRIT Brittanys.  


HELP Us Save Rocky’s Eye!

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Rocky came in from a high-kill shelter in South Texas. He was diagnosed with and treated for distemper. His eye was sealed with mucus, when he opened his eye it appears to have puncture and now has a severe ulceration. He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist in a few days. Help us raise the funds to save his eye!
Rocky is a fun-loving 5-month old puppy who loves to play with his sister.
Let’s help him have a great life!
Visit our GoFundMe page to make a donation.

UPDATE 7/6/18
Dr. Paulsen is very pleased with Rocky’s improvement.
The “deep stromal ulcer has responded quite well to current medication and is fully healed”. Rocky is now on steroid eyedrops to help with the corneal scarring. He goes back for a final visit with Dr. Paulsen in August.
THANK YOU for your donations, prayers, and support for this sweet little puppy.
Rocky is cleared for adoption and ready for his forever home!

UPDATE 6/11/18

Rocky was a good boy during his first visit with the ophthalmologist. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a corneal ulcer including mineral deposits (Keratoconjunctivitis).

Even worse this is a VERY PAINFUL condition and his eye is now covered with scar tissue.

Basically his cornea and conjunctiva are both inflamed and he is blinded by the painful mineral deposits. The conjunctiva is the lining tissue that covers the globe of the eye (the eyeball) and lines the eyelids and the third eyelid. Conjunctivitis refers to inflammation of this tissue.

Once corneal scarring has developed, there is little that can be done to reverse it. However sometimes puppies can grow beyond it. That’s our hope for little Rocky.

Rocky is being treated with anti-fungal eye drops and ointment every 2-6 hours at the vet hospital to keep the cornea moist and to calm the inflammation.

He goes back to the ophthalmologist in a week to see if the drops and ointment are working. If the treatment doesn’t work, he will need to have surgery (a $1,500 procedure) to scrap behind his eye’s cornea.

Because of Rocky’s needs we are unable to place him with a foster family at this time. Boarding at the vet hospital and the constant medical attention costs quite a bit and would not be possible without your financial support.

THANK YOU for donating to his GoFundMe page. Keep him in your prayers that he responds well to the current treatment and will not need the painful $1,500 surgery.


Elderly Brittany rescued from Hurricane Harvey Flood Waters

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A good Samaritan rescued a, 21 lb, 14-yr-old Brittany female from the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey Flood in Houston. He took her to the Freeport Veterinary Medical Center where BRIT found out about her. She was in very rough shape with a severely matted coat, starving, and unable to stand.

Our awesome transport volunteer Bill (also from Houston) took time away from his own flood restoration work to make the long drive to pick her up and take her to an interim foster home with Dr. Samantha Pulliam, a vet in Navasota, TX.

After a thorough examination by our Dr. Pam Saliba we’ve learned she has a heart murmur, suffering from a little dementia, a mouth full of rotted teeth, and is in renal failure. She has been dewormed, treated for fleas, and fortunately is heartworm negative.

BRIT Superhero’s Aimee and Leon have welcomed her into their pack of five senior dogs and named her Brie. She loves being with the pack and being in a loving home.

We don’t know how long she has but are so grateful that her final weeks will be full of love, good food, a warm bed (which she loves!) and being a treasured member of her new family.

We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever home. In addition to rescuing healthy Brittanys, we’ve pledged to save ALL Brittanys no matter what shape they are in.  

Some believe severe cases, like Brie’s, are not worth spending the money to save them. We disagree.

If you feel the same way, and believe these sweet playful companions deserve a chance at a new life, support us with your tax-deductible donation: https://brittanyrescueintexas.org/help-our-brittanys/donating/

BRIT has incurred $832 in veterinary expenses to date. We appreciate any donation you can make in Brie’s honor to help cover her expenses.

Brie in her new bed!

Urgent Need: Margie

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Calling all BRIT Super Heros!

We received a call from a West Texas shelter to save a dog that was 30 minutes away from being euthanized. 
Margie was owner surrendered because she needed surgery. We rushed her to our vet in Granbury where a 2.3 pound fatty tumor was removed from “arm” pit. The surgeon also removed a polyp from her ear and extracted two rotted teeth. While at the vet clinic it was discovered she was heartworm positive. 
She is a sweet Brittany blend who needs your financial support and a loving home. 

UPDATE 4/3/17:

Thank you so much for your support for Margie. She is in recovery from the tumor removal surgery, the ear polyp removal, and the dental extractions of her two rotted teeth. We’re sure she feels much better!

She is going to need some extra special loving care especially in light of the fact that we just discovered that she is also DEAF! 

Please donate here:


OR HERE: https://brittanyrescueintexas.org/help-our-brittanys/donating/

2016 Year End Update from BRIT

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Dear fellow Brittany lover,

It’s heartbreaking to find Brittanys who no longer have a home, a place where there’s always shelter, food, love, attention, special treats, playtime … where they are treasured members of the family.

We believe all Brittanys deserve a chance to have a loving forever home. In addition to rescuing healthy Brittanys, we’ve pledged to save ALL Brittanys including the elderly, abused, abandoned, pregnant, and those facing euthanasia due to severe injuries. (See examples on back.)

Some believe these severe cases are not worth spending the money to save them.

We disagree.

If you feel the same way and believe these sweet playful companions deserve a chance at a new life, support us with your tax-deductible donation:  http://www.paypal.me/brittanyrescuetexas

Why your donation is so vital:

  • We never know how many “special needs” Brittanys we’ll bring in at any given time
  • Shelters don’t have the funding to vet injured animals so they depend on rescue organizations like BRIT to step up
  • The cost to vet a Brittany with special needs can range from $3,000 to $5,000+ each
  • If it weren’t for BRIT, the odds are high that many Brittanys in shelters would be put down
  • Our adoption fees don’t always cover necessary vetting (some have special needs)
  • The average cost of heartworm treatment is $400+
  • BRIT is run by volunteers; all donations go to saving Brittanys (and we keep our costs low)

Our hearts go out to this special breed and we’ve made it our mission to save as many as humanly possible in Texas. Unfortunately, it takes more dollars than we have to rescue, vet, foster, and rehabilitate all of these loveable Brittanys so they can find forever homes.

We couldn’t do this work without your financial support.

Thank you so much for helping us help them!

“Precious” Before

Rescued June 2013

“Precious” Now

Precious after 1 week of 24/7 care at the Emergency Clinic. 

Precious came to BRIT near death. The vet stated she was just a day away from death’s door. With the help of our BRIT Rescue Angels we were able to save her life. She is now in her forever home, living the best life possible: happy, sassy, and chasing squirrels !


“Dani” Before

Rescued August 2015

“Dani” Now

DANI '15 - x6  8-12-15 

When we rescued Dani from a shelter in San Antonio, she was in terrible condition: emaciated, starving, and barely clinging to life. She almost lost her leg due to the severity of her injuries. Now she is living the high life with the vet tech who cared for her in the hospital.


“Smoke” Before

Rescued July 2015

“Smoke” Now


11-year-old Smoke was found by Animal Control wandering the streets of Grand Prairie on the 4th of July weekend with a broken ankle. BRIT paid for his surgery and found him a wonderful forever home with two veterinary students in Bryan, TX who take him on many  adventures.


“Rocky” Before

Rescued June 2016

“Rocky” After

ROCKY '16 - Midland - left rear leg  6-24-16

4-month old Rocky barely survived a near fatal attack by eight vicious dogs who were biting him and pulling him from multiple directions. He was covered in puncture wounds, had a large open wound on his belly, and required multiple surgeries. Now he is as happy as can be with his new family.


“Pebbles” Before

Rescued July 2016

“Pebbles” After

PEBBLES '16 - from Longview  injured leg  7-12-16 

Pebbles was dropped off at a shelter with her right rear leg shattered by a gunshot.  The shelter didn’t have the resources to care for her and she would have been put down if BRIT hadn’t rescued her. She required two surgeries and several months of rehabilitation before she could go to a foster home.  


Here are some of the more notable special needs cases we’ve brought in:

2016 – Pebbles – Leg shattered by gunshot

2016 – Annie Oakley – Pregnant and Homeless

2016 – Rocky – Near Fatal Dog Attack

2016 – Beverly – Serious Illness (possibly cancer)

2016 – 5 Parvo Puppies

2016 – Joe – Extensive Behavioral Issues

2016 – Brodie – Extensive Behavioral Issues

2015 – Macey –Heartworm treatment and severe skin Issues

2015 – Mimi – Multiple Surgeries

2015 – Dani – Starving with an injured leg

2015 – Smoke – 10-year BRIT with broken leg

2015 – Waffle – Blind Senior

2014 – Beretta – Huge tumors on his legs

2014 – Wendy – Starved from living on the streets

2014 – BBMax – Esophageal Paralysis

2014 – BeBee ­– Grade 5 Heart Murmur 

2014 – Cheyenne – Heartworm treatment and severe skin issues

2013 – Louisiana Breeder Seizure Operation (over 100 seized; 7 taken in by BRIT)

2013 – Precious – Starvation

2013 – George – Heart Valve Defect

2013 – Arizona – Drop Jaw

2012 – Sky Hicks – Abuse

2012 – Rosie – Pregnant 

2012 – Daisy – Pregnant 

2011– Cowboy Hudson – Mentally Challenged

2011 – Darcy – Leg issue

Young Female Brittany Shot in East Texas

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UPDATE: Posted on August 2, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

Pebbles aka The Wiggler! 

We met with Dr. Beam and Pebbles the wiggler at the Alvarado Vet Clinic this morning. He shared that Pebbles’ gunshot wound was the 2nd worst he has ever seen. Despite a large amount of shattered bone, he is DETERMINED that this Brittany will recover 100% and keep her leg.  

After witnessing the bandage changing procedure documented below and a lengthy consultation with Dr. Beam and his surgical staff, it was decided that the best course of care for Pebbles would be for her to stay in the vet hospital for the next six weeks so THEY can change her bandages every five days. Here is the problem: Pebbles is such a happy, young, rambunctious, and high-energy Brittany (typical!) she has to be sedated to change her bandages. 

Poor Miss Pebbles! She is soooo ready to go and run and play! That cone and those pins are really cramping her style! The good news is she is healing well and the doc feels she will be able to run with no problem as long as she STAYS STILL and doesn’t get the pins caught up on anything for the the next six weeks. 

BRIT was able to pay today’s $2,459.51 vet bill today THANKS to your generous donations but we still need to raise enough money to cover the six weeks of aftercare which is estimated to be another $2,000….at least.

Please share this story with your friends and help us raise the funds needed to cover Pebbles’ ongoing medical expenses. At BRIT we believe ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS. Especially those of the innocents, and those who have no way of defending themselves like this beautiful Brittany.

Please make your donations here – no donation is too small or too large.  

Pebbles sedated and ready for her bandage change.

Pebbles sedated and ready for her bandage change.

Carefully removing the padding around the rods.

Carefully removing the padding around the rods.

Cleaning the wound

Cleaning the wound

Dr. Beam removing a bone fragment from the bullet wound

Dr. Beam removing a bone fragment from the bullet wound

All clean and ready for new padding and bandages

All clean and ready for new padding and bandages

Dr. Beam with Pebbles as she comes out of sedation

Dr. Beam with Pebbles as she comes out of sedation

UPDATE: Posted on July 20, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

Pebbles came through her surgery with no complications. Apologies for the graphic photo – it was taken immediately post-op. She is on pain medication and is resting. The vet tech say she is happy and wagging her tail! She will stay at Dr. Beam’s for another week. 


Click to enlarge

UPDATE: Posted on July 18, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

Pebbles was taken to the surgical center in Alvarado this morning and met with Dr. Kevin Beam.
NOTE: Dr. Beam and his family’s story was recently made into a feature film starring Jennifer Garner titled Miracles From Heaven which is playing in theaters now. Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/CldGTG6iVrU (warning…this movie is a true story and a real tear jerker!!!)
Below is a photo of Pebbles at the clinic with Dr. Beam plus his diagnosis – her surgery is scheduled for later today. Keep your prayers coming…there is a small chance she might lose the leg.
According to Dr. Beam there are still bullet fragments in her leg. Of course he won’t know exactly what he is dealing with until he gets in there, but expects to put a series of pins in her leg to stabilize it. She will need to stay hospitalized for a couple of weeks for recovery and rehab. 
FYI: A comminuted fracture is a break or splinter of the bone into more than two fragments. Since considerable force and energy is required to fragment bone, fractures of this degree occur after high-impact trauma (ex: gunshot from a hollow point bullet).
A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already donated and shared Pebbles story – it’s helping a lot because the bills for this girl are mounting quickly even with the deep discount Dr. Beam is giving us. If you have not had a chance to donate to Pebbles please consider making a donation today – no amount is too small

Originally Posted on July 15, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

PEBBLES '16 - from Longview  injured leg  7-12-16Tuesday afternoon our East Texas volunteer received a frantic notice from a shelter who had just admitted a female Brittany (about a year and a half of age) who had a shattered leg and was bleeding profusely. The man who dropped her off at the shelter said she had been “hit by a car”. …Oh, really? Hit by a car you say? 

The small East Texas shelter didn’t have the resources to get her vetted. Fortunately, in lieu of euthanasia they called BRIT’s East Texas volunteer who rushed the Brittany, who we are calling Pebbles, to her local vet for triage. As it turns out Pebbles was NOT hit by a car, but SHOT in the leg. (Who would do such a thing???) As you can see on the attached x-ray, the bullet shattered her right tibia.

PEBBLES '16 - x-ray  7-12-16

Fortunately, Pebbles is a healthy young adolescent and strong enough to come through this with flying colors. She is heartworm negative and in excellent health. As you can see from her photos she is absolutely gorgeous. The vet techs tell us Pebbles is very loving and trusting. She continues a course of antibiotics and pain medication, while awaiting surgery on Monday.

PEBBLES '16 - LP with Lexi  7-13-16

Traumatic animal injuries are always costly, but BRIT had a bit of good luck in finding a highly skilled and generous veterinarian in Alvarado, certified in advanced Orthopedic Surgery, who is willing to perform Pebbles’ operation for approximately $2,000…about a 1/3 of the cost of the “big city” fees, which can range between $5-6,000 and up. This does not include the cost of the triage vet or the post-surgery rehabilitation, which can run another $1,000 or more.

It’s been a WILD week at BRIT!

  1. Not only did we bring in Pebbles, but also
  2. pregnant Annie Oakley who is due any day now,
  3. Hailey an owner surrender from the OK/TX border,
  4. Bowie who was picked up by Johnson County Animal Control after a month of trying to catch him,
  5. Ray a nine-year-old owner surrender from a Dallas area shelter,
  6. Collette a young French Brittany from a Houston area shelter,
  7. Abbie a 10 year old owner surrender from the Houston area 

We just never know what the next phone call will bring…

Join BRIT and your fellow Brittany lovers in our commitment to rescue Brittanys across the Great State of Texas. We are fortunate to have veterinarians that will work with us, but a wild week like this one very quickly wipes out our small emergency fund and threatens our ability to continue rescuing. Please visit our donation page and contribute – no amount is too small or too large.

Become a BRIT SuperHero today!

URGENT Foster Home Needed for Annie Oakley

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HAnnieOakley_SMpostelp, I’m pregnant and homeless!

My name is Annie Oakley and I’m a two-year-old Brittany female. I got myself lost and no one came for me. Animal control in Oklahoma picked me up and kept me in the shelter-lock up for a couple of weeks before BRIT found me. 

Surprise! I’m in a “family way” with no family to care for me. Turns out I’m due in 2-3 weeks. 

I’m looking for an immediate foster home so I can settle in with the family for a couple of weeks before my sweet puppies arrive. I’m great with other dogs and a very affectionate (obviously) girl. 

Can you be my BRIT Hero? 

Contact Pattie if you can foster, virtual foster, or have a lead on a family who can foster. 


OAKLEY '16 - x4  7-6-16


Near Fatal Dog Attack – Help Rocky Recover

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ROCKY '16 - Midland - with cone  x3  6-24-16Recently a woman was out walking and happened upon a young puppy being viciously attacked by eight other dogs who were biting him and pulling him from multiple directions. The rescuer was able to run the other dogs off and rush the puppy, who we’ve named Rocky, to a local animal emergency clinic. 

Rocky was covered in puncture wounds on all four extremities, head, neck, ears and belly. He had a large open wound on his belly requiring 20+ staples to close.

Because the trauma of the open wounds caused infection and significant anemia, the puppy is still in the hospital on IV fluids and antibiotics. Our vet feels Rocky will recover from this ordeal but since he is still a baby he needs extra time for the large belly wound to heal and for the antibiotics to do their job. Sweet Rocky will need to stay in the animal hospital for a bit longer!

BRIT has stepped up to help this approximately four-month old Brittany blend with his hospital bills and to find a special foster family with the ability to nurse him through his recovery. Once healed, BRIT will find Rocky a safe and loving forever home.

To-date Rocky has racked up over $1,000 in medical bills (through no fault of his own!) As you know adoption fees don’t cover these types of emergency expenses so we are turning to YOU our BRIT Super Hero’s to ask for donations to help cover Rocky’s vet bills.

Please make donations via our YouCaring page here: https://www.youcaring.com/brittany-rescue-in-texas-inc-592811

UPDATE: Posted on July 12, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

“Hi everybody, my name is Rocky. I was named that because I’m a brave fighter. When I was found my entire chest was ripped wide open by a bunch of attack dogs and the ER vet wanted to “put me down” and thought “I wouldn’t make it” but I proved to be a brave little fighter and look at me now!

My bite wounds on my legs have healed and the big bite wound on my chest is starting to heal up nicely but still needs care. As you can see from my photos the stitches have stopped draining and are looking good too. My friends at the hospital bought me this snazzy t-shirt so I won’t be tempted to mess with my stitches.

I just wanted to thank ya’ll for coming to my rescue, sending me your prayers, and helping BRIT with the vet bills. I’m a little embarrassed I ran up such a big vet bill but I promise you it was worth it because I’m so happy now that I’m feeling better and excited to be going to my forever home.”

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your donations enable us to continue rescuing injured Brittanys like Rocky. We couldn’t do this work without your generous financial support. It’s summertime here in Texas and the shelters are overflowing with dogs. The more Brittanys we can bring in the more room the shelters have to take in other animals. Please donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/brittany-rescue-in-texas-inc-592811 or here: https://brittanyrescueintexas.org/help-our-brittanys/donating/

UPDATE: Posted on July 1, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke

Yesterday we transferred Rocky from West Texas to our primary vet, Dr. Saliba, in Granbury. He is healing but very slowly. Several of the puncture wounds are still infected and full of puss; unfortunately, he is experiencing drainage problems.

Dr. Saliba has put him on high-powered antibiotics to fight the infection and her staff is giving him daily hydrotherapy to keep his wounds clean.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he will make it through this critical time and ask for your continued prayers and financial support. So far we have raised enough money to cover the West Texas emergency hospital bills, but need to raise more to cover his ongoing medical care.

UPDATE: Posted on July 8, 2016 by Pattie Nitschke
This little boy is a real trooper! He’s been through two surgeries, neutered, wound hydrotherapy (3 times a day for a week), dew claw removal (all four…they were a mess), not to mention being mauled by eight mean dogs! The good news is his bite marks are healing nicely, his big chest wound which was full of debris and infection is finally healing after yesterday’s surgery, and his spirits are lifting. 

ROCKY '16 - from Midland  belly shot  6-24-16 ROCKY '16 - Midland - left rear leg  6-24-16

Donate Now

Beverly needs your help

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Beverly1Soon after BRIT rescued Beverly last August she began exhibiting signs of severe and persistent diarrhea. We decided to keep her in Foster care until her health improved…which it did around January of this year.

She was adopted by a wonderful family who has adopted from BRIT before. Things were gong great until about March when her symptoms returned…with a vengeance. Because her new family has an active home and they like to travel with their Brittanys we made the joint decision, with her family, to take Beverly back to try to get a handle on her health issues.

For the past six-weeks she has been in hospital vet care with our favorite Vet, Dr. Pam Saliba, whose staff has been working diligently to cure Beverly. She is being been treated for IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease), but so far we’ve had limited success and fear she may have Intestinal lympho-sarcoma. Over the weekend her blood count has dropped from 35 to 20.

Not every rescue group can afford to help all the animals in need that come to them.

However, BRIT treats each Brittany that comes to us like our very own. We are committed to rescuing Brittanys no matter what shape they are in and will continue to support Beverly in her fight for life.

Beverly2Because the money collected by adoption fees don’t cover emergency situations like Beverly’s we are asking for your financial support. To date we have spent $2,500 on her care including:

  • Veterinary bills including testing, medications, vaccines, etc. ($1,871)
  • Prescription Dog Food ($229)
  • Hospital boarding ($400)

As a fellow Brittany lover and BRIT supporter please consider making a donation via our YourCaring page or our donation page. 

Parvo Puppies found alone in a West TX alley need your help!

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Parvo PuppiesFive sweet little puppies, approximately 10 weeks old, were found abandoned, covered with ticks, infested with fleas, and starving in a Midland, Texas alley with their Brittany mom.

They were found by Midland Animal Control, taken to a local animal shelter, and picked up by BRIT on March 10th. 

After taking them directly to the vet hospital we learned that one tested positive for Parvo – the others were exposed and have since started showing symptoms of Parvo (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, fever). The puppy with Parvo is in ICU and the others are under critical care watch. 

Because regular adoption fees do not cover the high costs of emergency situations like this, BRIT is seeking assistance from our supporters and Brittany lovers everywhere to help us save these puppies and get them well. Please make a donation via our Donations Page (PayPal) or click the button below to contribute via our YouCaring donation page

Donate Now
Once they are given a clean bill of health from the doc we’ll start looking for loving forever homes where they can live happy and fun Brittany lives! 

Sick Huck

Sick  Huck_ICU

Senior French Brittany Needs Multiple Surgeries

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MIMI '15 - face shot  11-13-15Update on Mimi (Nov. 16th)

Despite 30+ days in the hospital, Mimi is doing MUCH BETTER! Her tumor was removed and she is as happy as can be. Check out the big smile on the new picture we just posted. Here is an update from her vet:

“The update on Mimi is that she is doing much better. Acting like a much younger dog. After removing the mass and her infected uterus her anemia has corrected itself.

Although her recent blood work shows her much better, it also shows she suffered a traumatic insult to her liver. These values are too high and we have started her on a liver supplement. 

MIMI '15 - post lump surgery  x2  11-2015We holding off on the oral fistula to see what the response to the liver supplement will be. The oral fistula is basically a rotten tooth which caused an opening between the oral cavity and the nasal cavity. Once her liver is stabilized the tooth will be removed and the opening stitched closed.

So for now she must remain in hospital care for at least the next few weeks.”

Please help BRIT cover the high cost of Mimi’s hospital expenses by donating and sharing this update with your friends. 

Senior French Brittany, Mimi, Needs Multiple Surgeries

MIMI_shelter_1Mimi is a sweet senior French Brittany who was “owner surrendered” to a shelter in Southwest Texas. The shelter thinks Mimi was used for breeding and now that her breeding days are over she was of no use to them. 

Unfortunately, Mimi’s health is really poor. She is with our vet now. They have performed a thorough examination, and checked her lungs, heart, liver, and spleen, etc. through x-rays.

They are reporting the following urgent health issues:

Issue #1) Mimi’s most immediate concern is her respiratory problem. It seems to be a very bad case of Kennel Cough which has migrated to pneumonia. Associated with this is some nasty diarrhea which we are treating with antibiotics. We are waiting to see how she responds to the medication.

Issue #2) Mimi is suffering from a severe urinary bladder infection and is peeing blood. We are treating this with antibiotics as well. This too is a waiting game.

Issue #3) Mimi has a tennis-ball sized tumor on her right rear leg. This has been biopsied and confirmed as a mast cell tumor which is a type that can metastasize. Because these tumors have “tentacles” we will have to take large margins of her hind quarter around the tumor when we remove it.

Issue #4) Mimi has Pyometra which is a secondary infection that occurs as a result of hormonal changes in the female’s reproductive tract. During estrus (“heat”), white blood cells, which normally protect against infection, are inhibited from entering the uterus.

Issue #5) Mimi has major dental issues. Many of her teeth are rotting and need to be pulled. 

Mimi is looking at an extended hospital stay to overcome these issues and recuperate.
Despite her multiple issues, our vet tells us her prognosis is good

Mimi is a very sweet girl and BRIT is committed to her recovery and finding her a loving forever home. Any help you can provide will go directly to Mimi’s hospital fund.