Halloween can be a super fun time of year for the whole family – even your Brittany. However, there are also many potential dangers and sources of stress for your Brittany.​ Keep your Brittany and other pets safe from these Halloween hazards.
Halloween Decorations
Your Brittany is bound to be curious about new objects around the house, and that includes Halloween decorations. Be sure decorations are not in areas where your Brittany could ingest them or bump into them. Power cords trip your Brittany or lead to electrical shock if chewed.

Be careful with the placement of jack-o-lanterns – have you ever seen a Brittany eat a whole pumpkin? It is not pretty! Also, candles can be knocked over, potentially burning your Brittany and/or starting a fire. Other decorations can be eaten or broken, causing serious harm to your Brittany.

Have fun and decorate – just think about your Brittany first! 

Trick-or-Treaters and other Guests
Though many Brittanys love visitors, some can become fearful of strangers. Many Brittanys will even be afraid of people they know if those people are in costumes. Plus, constant ringing of the doorbell might get your Brittany over-excited or very stressed out.

Think about your Brittany’s typical reaction to visitors and take extra precautions for Halloween. Keep your Brittany at a distance when greeting trick-or-treaters by putting up a baby gate or confining her to another area of the home. When inviting guests into your home, introduce them to your Brittany in a positive manner. If your Brittany seems afraid of guests in costumes, remove her from the situation calmly. During parties and loud gatherings, your Brittany might do best in another area of your home unless she is used to these types of events and has done well in the past.

​​​Halloween Costumes for Brittanys
Some Brittanys really enjoy getting dressed in costumes – they might ham it up and revel in the attention. Other Brittanys can become scared or uncomfortable in clothing of any type. If you want to dress your Brittany up, start simple and see how she handles it. If she does not like it, then don’t push the issue. Try a Halloween bandanna or collar instead. If your Brittany does seem to enjoy getting dressed up, be certain you choose a costume that fits comfortably. If it is too tight, it could cut off circulation or cause sores to develop. Loose-fitting outfits can trip your Brittany or get caught on objects around the house. Because of these potential dangers, never leave your Brittany unattended in the costume. She could become injured or may ingest parts of the costume and choke, become sick, or develop gastrointestinal blockage.

Outdoor Dangers
It’s a good idea to keep your Brittany indoors on Halloween. Sadly, there are a few wackos who may terrorize your Brittany.