Gus - Brittany for AdoptionBRIT #: 2012-1005
Age: 2 years 
Gender: Male
Weight: 36 pounds

Hi Everyone! My name is Gus. Aren’t I fabulously good looking? My foster mom says I am! I’m the new boy on the block and mom says that there are lots and lots of things you need to know about me. She mumbled something about finding the perfect home for me. Wow! That sounds awesome!

She tells me to get the stats part out of the way, so here goes! I’m 2 years old, one of the smaller guys, I weigh around 36 lbs. I have to get this really neat thing called a ‘neuter’ but I have all my shots and I’m heartworm negative too. I’m super compact and very muscular but not like Ah-nold! Oh, oh, oh! I see a bird! I’m going to run and point at it while mom tells you more about me.

Gus is a wonderful young Brittany boy. His dad made the very difficult decision to relinquish Gus to BRIT. His living situation had changed and he wanted a more fulfilling life for Gus, he loved him that much! Gus really is an incredible dog and the total package. He is good with other dogs, even small ones, people of all ages, even the small ones again. He is crate and potty trained and knows his basic commands. He even has a little trick he does for treats, he makes ‘rude lips’ and chomps his lips to get that treat. Gus is good on leash. But he’s incredible off leash and out in the field. Gus is halfway to his Junior Hunter designation! He’s extremely birdy and loves, loves, loves to hunt!

Gus loves his people and there is his “flaw.” If you leave him alone, unattended in the backyard he’ll jump a 6′ fence to come find you. Not climb, JUMP. This boy is an Olympic-class athlete. For his safety and our peace of mind, his adopter will need to commit to keeping him safe and not allowing him to spend extended periods of unsupervised time in the backyard. He is crate-trained and given his energy level should be crated for his own safety when you aren’t able to be with him. The only other issue is the random chewed sock or shoe, remember he is just coming out of puppyhood!

This is a sweet, affectionate, loving boy. He’s super smart and will make someone an amazing all-around companion. Best friend at home and best hunting buddy ever in the field.

Gus has been neutered, is up to date on his shots, heartworm tested, on preventative and microchipped and is ready for his forever home.