Adopt_Gryffin_Brittany_Rescue1BRIT #:  20140207
Status:   ADOPTED
Age:          Born 11/23/2012
Gender: Male
Weight: 46.5 pounds 

I’m one of the latest additions to the BRIT group of awesome Brittanys. Just know this: I’m very sweet and affectionate and high energy (typical for a boy my age). I get along great with other dogs and I loved my family’s cat. I love kids too!

However, since I’m such a “gorgeous” young Brittany (yes 1 year and 3 months is very very young in the Brittany world). I am the kind of Brittany who needs lots of room to run and it’s true I need some training. I’m smart and want to learn so that should make my training a breeze.

Since Gryffin just joined BRIT this week, we need a few days to get to know a little something about his personality.

Gryffin is up to date on his shots, neutered and microchipped. He is heartworm negative and on preventative. 



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