BRIT-Brittany-Dog-Rescue-Gracie-1BRIT #: 20130104
Age: born on 9/28/12
Gender: Female
Weight: 16.5 pounds

Hello everyone! My name is Gracie. However, my Foster Mom and Dad keep calling me “Gracie Allen.” Not sure what’s up with that ~ I don’t have to tell you how absolutely adorable I am! You can see that in my picture. I look like a Brittany angel, don’t I?

I’m a very, very busy girl. I love exploring, and checking out everything I can. Like my brother George, (get it, George Burns and Gracie Allen?) one of my very favorite things is to tear up paper! What a great past time for a pup … whoever invented paper is a genius in my book (that paper that comes on a roll is the best). It’s a blast! I don’t know why my Foster Mom freaks out. Maybe she wishes she could get away with doing it, too. Actually I think it’s my job as a Brittany puppy to get into as many things as I can. I feel the need to keep those foster parents of mine on their toes, it’s working. They keep getting up and chasing me when I take the remote for the TV, or a giant tennis shoe, or anything else that catches my fancy.

I hear them saying that I am one busy young lady … and a pretty independent girl too. That all sounds good to me! I think they really like it too, although they’d never admit it. They have a really neat thing they call a ‘pet door.’ Man, what a cool invention, I can come and go as I please – 15 minutes in my foster home and I figured it out.

I love toys, especially the ones that squeak. They tell me that I’m “crate trained,” and that I’m a very good girl. If they mean that “box” they put me in for naps and sleeping at night, and an occasional time out, all I can say is “Yuck!” Let me tell you I really don’t like that “box” at all! I’m a Brittany, and I’d much rather be playing.

I’m a very fun, sweet, and affectionate girl. I love people, and I love to play with other dogs. I don’t know anything at all about cats, never met one. I am looking for my forever home where I will be loved forever and ever!!

Foster Mom: Gracie is too young to be spayed, but is up to date on her puppy shots, is on heartworm preventative, and is microchipped.