Age:2 yrs
Weight:  40 lbs

UPDATE ON GORDO  (10-17-16)

“Gordo here … let me bring you up to date on me. It’s true I am a very handsome boy with a full tail that gets lots of admirers when we’re out in public. I didn’t have the best life before coming to BRIT but I’m ready to get on with my life and find a home. I’m a pretty simple guy who doesn’t require much. 

I’m unsure in new situations and take a little while and some encouragement to get used to them, but I do get used to them fairly quickly. I’ve got a very manageable amount of energy and would be ok without a yard as long as I could get a few walks and play sessions a day.  I’m fine with dogs my size or smaller. Larger dogs are all right if they are calm, but large, rambunctious ones scare me.  But I prefer smaller dogs.

I’m housebroken, have very nice leash manners. My foster mom has taught me how to ‘down’ and how to recall (unless there is a loose bunny in the yard!).  I learn very quickly using positive reinforcement and will be able to be taught any tricks or additional behaviors easily. 

Once I’m settled in to my new home, I love to play! Food dispensing treats, stuffed toys and some human playmates would make me very happy. When I’m done playing, I’m fine hanging out watching TV or sleeping quietly somewhere close to my people.

Some things that will make my life easier at my new home are a crate, this will help me feel secure as I learn a new routine, and someone who will be patient for a week or two while I settle in. 

There are no children at my foster home but I’ve been fine with the ones I’ve met, I am working still on learning not to jump while I’m playing so I might knock a very small child down accidentally but would love some older kids to run around with.”


My name is “Gordo.” Don’t you just love how cute I am? 

I am so happy to be a new member of BRIT’s Brittanys and on the way to finding my forever home.

I have a short and sort of sad story – none of which I remember. Fortunately, I’m now a member of BRIT and will be in a foster home soon.

All I can tell you is that I’m very shy – and inexperienced in life. BRIT thinks I may have been banned to the back yard and never experienced what it’s like to have a family to love me. I’m counting on you to change that!

Gordo has been neutered, is up to date on all his shots, heartworm negative and on preventative and is microchipped.